I believe the term, restored, has a much fresher meaning for us today. Things around us are being restored. We’re getting back to what life was like prior to Covid 19. We can again go to movie theaters, flying still needs the use of a mask but air travel is improving, going out to get a bite to eat is more common today, and family gatherings are now a reality. It is really great to have things restored to what it was like.

How about your religious life: Are you going back to church yet? Are you seeing more and more families back in church? Is this part of your life being restored or are you using the excuse of Covid to keep from taking your life back to normal? Let your light shine.

This weekend is a very big weekend for Trinity  Lutheran Church in Athens, Georgia. We thank our interim pastor for serving us for the past year and ½. This Sunday we look forward to having our new Pastor, Pastor Davis, lead us in worship. He really has had a rough time getting here from Colorado. The storms that hit the middle part of the country created many difficulties. They have arrived today and are sending up, the office and the rental home. I for one will be looking forward to Sunday’s worship service.

The second thing that is being restored is the Lutheran Women In Mission Fellowship. As far as I know they haven’t met since Covid struck. During the time of Covid we have still been collecting our mites, the first Sunday of every month. This has been a great that we have been able to continue our mission work for the District and also the National LWML. One goal I have is that we can establish mission projects for our church in our community and make a difference. We are now trying to shift gears so there is fellowship among all the women in the congregation. At this point, we would like to make this a monthly event.

Our topic for tomorrow is “restored”, but it will take a different approach that I am doing in this blog. You will have to come tomorrow to find out what it is about. If you were unable to sign up you are still more than welcome to come and enjoy our fellowship in God tomorrow. We begin with a potluck and then have a Bible’s Stud. We begin at 11 AM!

After all, isn’t this why Jesus came into the world and died upon the cross for each and every one of our sins. God has restored hope in us through Jesus’s suffering and death. Isn’t this why we come to church each Sunday, to receive God’s gifts of the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. We hear these in the words of Holy Scripture throughout our service and in our Bible studies. We are now restored like David and Peter.

Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for restoring us.