Proclaiming the one true God to all 1 31 22

11When I was a child, I made use of a child’s language, I had a child’s feelings and a child’s thoughts: now that I am a man, I have put away the things of a child. First Corinthians 13:11 him

I apologize to all that I stopped writing this blog. For a while, I couldn’t think of anything to write about. Then I went traveling to see my brothers and other people. Soon after my vacations I got called by Red Cross to deploy in southern Louisiana for the hurricane where I worked as a disaster spiritual care individual. When I got home, I thought about the block but never could get started. The other day my son-in-law, George, as if I was still writing a blog. It hit me that all these things had been excuses for not doing.

No more excuses. I will attempt to do this every week. After all, this is what my children’s message in church is going to be about on Sunday. Here I use the Old Testament reading from Jeremiah about how he was called to bring God’s word to the nations. Isn’t this our job too?

While reading the New Testament lesson, I read First Corinthians 13:11. This was our graduation verse from Concordia Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. This gave me pause to think about how I have changed throughout the years. The excitement about sharing the gospel however has not been lost, for Christ and his death are the reason we share this good news with everyone.

I don’t even know if anyone reads this blog, but that doesn’t make any difference. If even one person reads it, it is still a great idea to put God’s Word out there. I no longer can’t speak like I used too or even type like I used to. But God is still being proclaim, and I know that God’s word goes out and it will accomplish his purpose.

We all have been given this job of telling how Christ has come into the world to fulfill the promises made by God in Genesis 3. Christ is the cornerstone on which our faith is based. Without Christ and what he has done for us there is nothing. His suffering and death means everything. I know that my sins and the sins of everyone who believe in the one true God have been forgiven. We need to speak about how in our baptism the Holy Spirit has sanctified us as he calls, gathers, enlightens and sanctifies the whole Christian church on earth. Here again is a message, that we as the children of God, need to speak loud and clearly in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

So let’s all put aside our childish ways of living and live daily in the Lord!